Dispersion Hardening of Cu–Al–Ti Alloys by Internal Oxidation

Teruo Takahashi, Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Shinichiro Omori, Koichiro Koyama
1985 Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals  
alloys internally oxidized over the temperature range 1073-1323K were investigated by X-ray diffractometry, optical and electron microscopy and microvickers hardness testing. identified in internally oxidized Cu-Al alloys and rutile and anatase type TiO2 ininternally oxidized Cu-Ti alloys. In internally oxidized Cu-Al-Ti alloys, all of the oxides observed in the both above Cu-Al and Cu-Ti systems were identified, and no other complex oxides were detected. By electron microscopy, it was revealed
more » ... that the particle size of dispersed oxide was remarkably decreased with addition of a small amount of titanium into Cu-Al alloy. In accord with the results from electron microscopy, the microvickers hardness increased with the mass ratio of TiO2 to total oxide. The internally oxidized Cu-Al-Ti alloys possessed excellent qualities that belonged to the internally oxidized Cu-Al and Cu-Ti alloys.
doi:10.2320/matertrans1960.26.271 fatcat:5veqat7wwvgpraankj6v5fmqse