Numerical Simulation of Fluorescent Whitening Agents (DAS1) in Tokyo Bay
동경만 형광표백제 성분물질(DAS1)의 거동 특성 시뮬레이션

Dong-Myung Kim
2011 Journal of Environmental Science International  
A three-dimensional ecological model(EMT-3D) was applied to DAS1 in Tokyo Bay. The simulated results of DAS1 were in good agreement with the observed values. The result of sensitivity analysis showed that photolysis coefficient and extinction coefficient were important factor for dissolved DAS1, and photolysis coefficient, extinction and POC partition coefficient for PAHs in particulate organic matter. Mass balance of DAS1 in Tokyo Bay was calculated by using the simulated results of EMT-3D.
doi:10.5322/jes.2011.20.4.519 fatcat:2mp6oylpmvdv5g2ujuihwspadu