Review on Power Amplifier for WSN Applications

S Vaibhav, Girnale, B Harshavardhan, Patil
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Power amplifier is one of the important parts of transceiver. The main important parameter for power amplifier is output power and power added efficiency (PAE). There are various technologies used for power amplifiers designing such as CMOS, p HEMT GaAs, GaAs-HBT, BiCMOS technology. For analysis of power amplifier Power Added Efficiency (PAE) is important factor. Drain efficiency and Power Added Efficiency are two types of efficiencies of power amplifier. Power amplifier is used in various
more » ... sed in various wireless sensor network applications. Two stage topology is implementing for obtaining high gain, efficiency of power amplifier. This paper gives the study of various power amplifiers which helps to achieve multi-standards in wireless communication system. Advance Design System software (ADS) is use for designing of power amplifier.