Study on Water Inflow Variation Law of No.1 Shaft Auxiliary Shaft in HighLiGongshan Based on Dual Medium Model

Jiabin Li, Yonghong Wang, Zhongsheng Tan, Wen Du, Zhenyu Liu
2021 Symmetry  
When the fracture is not developed and the connectivity is poor, the original single medium simulation cannot meet the accuracy requirements. Now, the seepage simulation of fractured rock mass has gradually developed from equivalent continuous medium to dual medium and multiple medium. However, it is still difficult to establish the connection between a discrete fracture network model and a continuous medium model, which makes it difficult to simulate the influence of fracture location on the
more » ... epage field of rock mass. As the excavation direction of the shaft is vertically downward, the surrounding strata are symmetrical around the plane of the shaft axis, which is different from the horizontal tunnel. Taking the auxiliary shaft of the No.1 Shaft in HighLiGongshan as the engineering background, combined with Monte Carlo methods and DFN generator built in FLAC3D5.01, a discrete fracture network is generated. Based on the dual medium theory, MIDAS is used to optimize the modeling of each fracture group. At the same time, the concept of "Fracture Weakening area" is introduced, and the simulation is carried out based on a fluid–solid coupling method. It is found that the simulation effect is close to the reality. The water inflow increases with the increase of shaft excavation depth, and the water inflow at the end of excavation is nearly three times larger than the initial value. Combined with Legendre equation, a new analytical formula of water inflow prediction is proposed. It is found that this analytical formula is more sensitive to permeability and has a greater safety reserve.
doi:10.3390/sym13060930 fatcat:kljf6wqxk5cbnibqqgj6m53s6y