Political participation as an integral part of individuals' identity

G. G. Udzhmadzhuridze
2014 Granì  
The article examines the practice of political participation of individuals as part of their identity. It is determined that the self­identification is a long process that separates individuals on their own and others, also includes a sense of heredity, a sense of uniqueness from others and a sense of membership to a certain social group. Political participation gives the person the opportunity to find their place in the social structure, gain useful skills to implement the additional
more » ... dditional identification. Given the definition of the concept of political participation. S. Huntington linking political participation at the request of members of the society to influence the government in making important decisions. S. Verba defined political participation as the activity, which aims to influence for government action to meet the personal needs and interests. Such activities can only be voluntary. Author examined the main types and forms of political participation. The most common types are involved in the elections, the relationship with political organizations and visiting congresses of political organizations. It is established that political participation of individuals across the all variety of its manifestations, is an expression of civic culture of a particular society. In many states for citizens there is the usual practice of political participation, but only in democratic countries individuals will do this voluntarily and without coercion. Only voluntary political participation and awareness of it, is a manifestation of personal attitudes and beliefs. The author traced that political participation as an integral part of political culture is transmitted from generation to generation through the institutions of socialization in society. The most effective institutions of socialization influence on young people. The political socialization research has revealed the transfer of political ideals and habits between generations.
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