3D Multimodal X-ray Imaging of a Microchip: Correlating Structure, Composition and Orientation at the Nanoscale [thesis]

Maria Scholz, Christian Schroer
With the fast technological developments of our time often new possibilities arise to gain a deeperscientific understanding of complex processes, may these be of biological, chemical or physicalnature, and materials. In natural sciences, X-ray and electron microscopy is indispensable tohelp uncovering these scientific backgrounds. Sophisticated microscopy methods with spatialresolutions in the nanometer range allows us to gains new insights about relations and functionprinciples.One example in
more » ... his regard is nanotechnology continuously pushing the physical limits to buildsmaller structures such as transistors in microchips, thereby enhancing computing power whilesimultaneously lowering energy consumption of current devices. Without microchips, all thesepossibilities just as much as the many everyday things and gadgets of the modern life would beunthinkable. Therefore, in the manufacture of these semiconductor products troubleshootingand controlling of the manufacturing processes and the resulting structures gain great attention.With the continuously decreasing structure sizes, the analysis options of these factories reachtheir limits in some aspects.Examinations using high-brilliance X-rays offer a variety of complementary analysis opportunities.Electron microscopy is commonplace in semiconductor factories, but it only images surfaces ortransmits thin samples, partially demanding for precise preparation including destruction. Due tothe high penetration depth of X-rays in matter, the usage of X-ray ptychography provides newinsights into the produced microchips as comparably thick samples can be investigated withresolutions in the nanometer range.In this thesis, the potential of imaging even the smallest structures inside a microchip is demonstratedon the example of a test chip. In addition, X-ray fluorescence helps determine theelemental composition and X-ray diffraction provides information about the crystalline states ofvarious components. These procedures were all applied in a multimodal experiment. Throughthe [...]
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2022-01837 fatcat:bdovqicww5akjbi4dd6hsb76te