Advancement of Nanomedicine and Targeted Drug Delivery in Perspective of Liver Disease

Mohammad Firoz Alam
2018 Advanced Research in Gastroenterology & Hepatology  
Unhealthy life style such as consumption of alcohol, drug, chemicals, cigarette, unhealthy eating, various biological infections and lack of physical activity is a major factor to increase the disease burden on the liver. There are more than hundred different kinds of liver diseases, some of them is serious and life threatening such as liver cancer. Nanomedicne is playing very effective an alternative potential agent to overcome the liver diseases by targeting the different pathway, such as
more » ... tocytes, macrophages, receptor, intracellular molecular network and hepatocellular carcinoma. There are very few Nanomedicine is available in the market and fews are under a clinical trial to treat the various liver problem. Therefore, there is further need to focus and explore the variety of Nanomedicine to treat the liver diseases including the liver cancer.
doi:10.19080/argh.2018.09.555765 fatcat:54jmy3cwtvaqtggirgtebl4ybm