Hand-Eye Coordination for Robotic Assembly Tasks

Wen-Chung Chang, Chia-Hung Wu
2012 International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology  
This paper addresses issues related to the design and implementation of robotic assembly tasks. Specifically, we consider automatic assembly systems with real-time visual sensing for the back shells of cellular phones. Typically, industrial assembly tasks are accomplished using either the look-then-move open-loop or the look-and-move closed-loop control approach. For either approach, successful assembly requires that issues concerned with task accuracy must be considered based on camera
more » ... ion parameters. For the hand-eye robotic system to operate in real-time, one must adopt an appropriate control structure to maximize task efficiency. Simple and repetitive assembly tasks can be performed quickly through look-then-move open-loop controls. However, relatively slower look-and-move closed-loop control approaches are better suited for complex tasks or those requiring greater flexibility. To accomplish automatic assembly tasks with real-time visual sensing, either eye-to-hand or eye-in-hand vision must be employed. The proposed vision-based control approaches for back shell assembly tasks are likely to have real potential in industrial manufacturing applications.
doi:10.5875/ausmt.v2i4.162 fatcat:llncpp7renbh3hjl4ihzxa6wim