Supernumerary Impacted Teeth in the Anterior Region of the Maxilla. A Clicical and Statistical Study
上顎前歯部過剰埋伏歯 臨床および統計学的観察

Hiroyoshi SAKI, Hideki ICHIHARA, Kazuo ABE, Satoru NISHIMURA, Takashi OKUDA, Yujiro HANDA, Norichika TATEMATSU, Satoru HORI, Nobumitsu OKA
1992 Journal of The Japanese Stomatological Society  
Supernumerary impacted teeth in the anterior region of the maxilla (SIT) found in 40 clinical cases in the 5-55 year old (average: 12.1 years old) age group were reviewed in this paper together with an analysis of clinical appearances. In this survey, it was disclosed that 62.5% of the cases were diagnosed to have only one SIT, whereas the rest of them was found to have two. Direction of the dental crown of the SIT was also examined and revealed to be inverted in 49% of the cases. Operation was
more » ... carried out with palatal side approach in 82.5% of the cases. Sexual predilection of the occurrence was also indicated in this survey with a fact that 70% was occurred in males. Discussion was made particularly on the relationship between the origin and favorite site of SIT.
doi:10.11277/stomatology1952.41.389 fatcat:ps5nggv2cna2hjir2lm7bimvva