La comunicación y la emergencia nuclear en Japón

Benjamín Ruiz Loyola
2011 Educacion Quimica  
educación química • octubre de 2011 318 2011 año internacional de la química [divulgación de la química] La comunicación y la emergencia nuclear en Japón ABSTRACT (Communication and the nuclear emergency in Japan) The Fukushima nuclear plant incident that took place last March stands today as an unsolved nuclear emergency. Among all of the severe problems that arose from this situation, the lack of proper information and communication was one of the most notable. The term 'nuclear fusion', for
more » ... xample, is taken by many people to be synonymous with nuclear weapon explosions and apocalyptic events; this showcased the need for a communication of science and scientific matters done by qualified professionals (scientists and science journalists) and not by politicians, marketers, and business managers. In the Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM, chemistry students are required to attend a course titled 'Scientific Communication', which is intended to provide them with the means which they need to, in turn, provide society with better and more readily available information regarding science.
doi:10.1016/s0187-893x(18)30151-4 fatcat:2urrb5qyjncfdjsp5hcikcn7j4