QoS differentiation scheme with multiple burst transmission and virtual resource reservation for optical burst switching networks

Yutaka Arakawa, Naoaki Yamanaka
2007 Journal of Optical Networking  
We propose what we believe to be a new scheme to provide basic quality of service (QoS) in optical burst switching networks. Our proposal consists of multiple burst transmission (MBT) and virtual resource reservation (VRR). With MBT, consecutive bursts headed to the same destination are serially transmitted, and, at the transmission of high-priority bursts, the wavelength resource reserved by the head burst is kept reserving for the following bursts. We call it VRR. Computer simulations show
more » ... simulations show that our proposal offers a larger differentiation of burst loss than the conventional offset-based QoS differentiation scheme. Also, it can improve the burst loss rate of both high-priority and low-priority bursts. Moreover, it can minimize the burst loss rate of highpriority bursts even when the high-priority traffic occupies a large percentage of the network traffic. The proposed scheme can be applied to the future multiservice optical network architecture.
doi:10.1364/jon.6.001003 fatcat:5tgwrdarszgjlhxyj3a4zuy3xe