Methodology for Scaling Fusion Power Plant Availability [report]

Lester M. Waganer
2011 unpublished
Normally in the U.S. fusion power plant conceptual design studies, the development of the plant availability and the plant capital and operating costs makes the implicit assumption that the plant is a 10 th of a kind fusion power plant. This is in keeping with the DOE guidelines published in the 1970s, the PNL report 1 , "Fusion Reactor Design Studies -Standard Accounts for Cost Estimates. This assumption specifically defines the level of the industry and technology maturity and eliminates the
more » ... and eliminates the need to define the necessary research and development efforts and costs to construct a one of a kind or the first of a kind power plant. It also assumes all the "teething" problems have been solved and the plant can operate in the manner intended. The plant availability analysis assumes all maintenance actions have been refined and optimized by the operation of the prior nine or so plants. The actions are defined to be as quick and efficient as possible. This study will present a methodology to enable estimation of the availability of the one of a kind (one OAK) plant or first of a kind (1 st OAK) plant.
doi:10.2172/1001677 fatcat:joqf5lxefze5vgs7ej7tsgrvee