2019 Southern Brazilian Journal of Chemistry  
The presented article describes the soil types existing in east Georgia, particularly in several villages of Gurjaani Municipality-Vazisubani, Kalauri, Mukuzani, Shashiani. Meadow-brown and brown soils represent good soil types for viticulture development in Kakheti. The vineyards cultivated on these soils produce such wellknown wines as Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Mukuzani, Akhasheni, Gurjaani, Manavi. The study explores brown carbonate and meadow-brown soil lab tests to examine the absorption of
more » ... the absorption of phosphate ions by them. The study showed that the amount of phosphorus deposited through soils is sufficiently absorbed under various conditions, having a positive effect on the amount of crop. Was compared the rates of phosphate absorption in these soils with the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers, which showed that the higher the absorption of phosphorus, the lower the amount of phosphorus available to the plant and the lower the yield, and the lower the strength of phosphorus retention, the higher the amount of phosphorus to be consumed by the plant and the higher the yield. But under the conditions of high cultivation degree, the strength of phosphorus absorption became weak, resulted in a large amount of exchangeable and movable phosphates already existing in the soil, which is available to the plant. So, the efficacy of phosphorus fertilizers on such soil is weak. The speed of phosphorus absorption in the soil of Gurjaani municipality villages is satisfactory. However, in case of a high degree of cultivation (or in case of excess fertilization), the degree of phosphorus retention decreases. Accordingly, phosphorus-containing fertilizers should be used within strictly controlled limits.
doi:10.48141/sbjchem.v27.n27.2019.7_2019.pdf fatcat:hoiuwgaeobcv3c3xi4nxw6tz6a