Experimental Study on Variation Law and Mechanism of Soil Shear Strength Parameters along the Slope

Yanhai Wang, Jianlin Li, Qiao Jiang, Yisheng Huang, Xinzhe Li
2019 Advances in Civil Engineering  
Under the action of rainwater seepage, geological origin, and human activities, the soil shear strength parameters will have spatial variability along the slope direction. After collecting samples of silty clay at a slope in the Three Gorges Reservoir area as the research object, not only the large-scale direct shear test was carried out on the site but also the direct shear test, water content test, density test, and particle grading analysis test were carried out in the laboratory with the
more » ... oratory with the undisturbed soil. The variation law and mechanism of soil shear strength parameters along slope were studied. The results indicate the following: (1) The coefficient of variation of shear strength parameters along the slope is relatively large. With the decrease of the elevation of the test location, the cohesion value tends to be strengthened, while the friction angle tends to degrade. (2) The mechanism of the variation law of soil shear strength parameters along the slope, which is mainly due to the decrease of the elevation, the decrease of the edges and angles between the particles, and the increase of the clay content is determined. (3) The variation model of shear strength parameters along the slope is proposed, which can provide a reference for relevant projects.
doi:10.1155/2019/3586054 fatcat:naqtzhtambdb3mxavv2gbxszbe