The Multivariable Control of Carbon Dioxide Absorption System using the Proportional Integral Plus (PIP) Controller

Fereshte Tavakoli Dastjerd, Jafar Sadeghi
2020 Journal of chemical and petroleum engineering  
The present article investigates the implementation of non-minimal state space (NMSS) representation with proportional-integral-plus (PIP) controller for the carbon dioxide absorption process of Shiraz petrochemical ammonia unit. The PIP controller is a logical extension of conventional PI/PID controllers with additional dynamic feedback and input compensators. PIP controller is used for multivariable control without limitation on the number of controlled variables. A Multi Input - Multi Output
more » ... nput - Multi Output (MIMO) square model was extracted from step response test. In this way, input water flow rate to carbon dioxide absorption system, the heat duty of input absorbent cooler to tray (1) of absorption tower and re-boiler heat duty of stripping tower are chosen as manipulated variables (inputs), while carbon dioxide mole fraction in absorption tower vapor product, the water mole fraction in absorption tower liquid product and tray temperature No. 36 of stripping tower are determined as controlled ones (outputs). The system identification is performed with three input and three output variables using step response test. As a result, continuous and discrete time transfer function matrices and suitable NMSS model for PIP controller are reported. Finally, in order to evaluate the PIP control performance, the feed flow rate increases by 2%. The results show the proper performance of designed PIP controller for both disturbance rejection and set point tracking.
doi:10.22059/JCHPE.2020.287075.1293 doaj:254c08296ee84dcca3a6d0c32655b883 fatcat:l76zfbnwjvfutbagwnh7ocjluu