Long-Rod Moving-Plate Interaction

Y. Partom
2002 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Understanding the mechanics of interaction of a long rod projectile with a forward moving plate at an angle is essential to understanding long rod interaction with an explosive reactive armor cassette. To investigate the mechanics of such an interaction we use AUTODIN2D/EULER in plane geometry, although the problem is 3D. We assume that this is a satisfactory approximation, as we're only interested in the main features, and are not comparing fine details to experimental results. From the
more » ... ts. From the simulations we learn that the interaction never reaches steady state. Initially each material splits into two streams, and the interaction plane is perpendicular to the rod. But with time the interaction plane rotates slowly, until it becomes parallel to the rod, which is then able to continue moving forward without interruption. During this process interacting rod material of length AL is diverted at an angle and becomes ineffective for penetrating the main target. We made many such runs to determine the dependence of AL on the parameters of the problem. This dependence makes it possible to predict AL for a variety of rod-plate situations.
doi:10.1063/1.1483773 fatcat:fr7urkw7cbbu3cine5cqed3h4y