Effects of Motivation on Employees' Performance at Petrovietnam Nghe An Construction Joinst Stock Corporation

Nguyen Cong Nhat, Dung Nguyen Van, Tinh Hoang Huu
2013 American Journal of Business and Management  
The purpose of any motivation programme is to motivate the organization's employees to enable them work effectively. However, motivating employees is not an easy thing as what motivates employees differs among people. This paper intended to establish a set of factors that can motivate employees of Construction Joinst Stock Corporation (PVNC) and to establish the policy implications of these factors for managing staff of the PVNC. Questionnaire as research instrument was used and floated to 109.
more » ... and floated to 109. In total, 70 usable responses were received which were analyzed through SPSS 17.0 and used T-test statistic, ANOVA analysis, and linear regression. Results showed that good salary is the most important motivational factor followed by Opportunity for promotion. The paper revealed that these two factors are not the only factors that are needed to motivate employees of the PVNC. Other factors, including Supervisory practices and relations with authorities and Organization's policies, are equally important depending on the type of motivational theory that is adopted. The study finally stresses the avoidance of disparities in pay/reward among staff of the same rank as a strategy to motivate and retain high quality staff in the PVNC. The study thus raises red flags that warn the management to be extra careful in their attempt to motivate staff of PVNC for effective.
doi:10.11634/216796061302307 fatcat:we2amk3esvaahohjpwuocy4d7m