Concept of a Wearable Temperature Sensor for Intelligent Textile

Robert Hudec, Slavomir Matuska, Patrik Kamencay, Lucia Hudecova
2020 Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
This paper proposes the intelligent textile for human body temperature measurement. The main concept of the textile is based on two commercially available LM35DM temperature sensors, knitted electrically conductivity yarns and five areas for pressstud. Three different measurements methods were used in our experiment. Three measurements were performed in the first step, digital thermometer in person's armpit, contact-less thermometer in the places close to our LM35DM sensors and contact-less
more » ... nd contact-less thermometer on the forehead. Next, two LM35DM in SOIC8 package were used for temperature measurement within intelligent textile. Finally, the first step was repeated. All measurements were done on ten subjects with their permission to collect body temperature data for scientific purposes. The results show that the average measurement error for first sensor is 0.844 • C and 0.278 • C for second sensor.
doi:10.15598/aeee.v18i2.3610 fatcat:37o77sm3ovhb3l7obf26lmtukm