Impact of Carbohydrates and Mineral Contents of Different Indigenous Strains of Oyster Mushroom (Jacq. Fr.) Cultivated on Different Agricultural Wastes

Nasir A. Khan, Nazia Khaliq, Imran U. Haq, Nazir Javed, Amjad S. Gondal
2012 International journal of phytopathology  
Different strains of Pleurotus ostreatus were cultivated on different agro-cellulosic wastes viz. cotton waste, wheat straw and paddy straw to determine the effect of these agro wastes on biological efficiency, carbohydrate and mineral contents including Na, K, Ca, Cu, Zn and Fe. Maximum biological efficiency was recorded on P. ostreatus (grey strain, 134.4%) and (white strain, 113.7%) on wheat straw. P. sajor-caju showed maximum biological efficiency (195.9%) on wheat straw. Maximum amount of
more » ... a was found (0.18g/100g) on P. ostreatus (grey strain) and K was found on P. sajor-caju (4.58g/100g) cultivated on paddy straw followed by wheat straw and cotton waste. P. ostreatus (white strain) cultivated on paddy straw showed maximum amount of Cu (0.0009g/100g) while maximum amount of Zn was found (0.017g/100g) on P. ostreatus (white strain). Maximum amount of Fe was found (0.008g/100g) on P. sajor-caju cultivated on cotton waste. P. sajor-caju cultivated on cotton waste showed significantly highest carbohydrate (0.079g/100g).
doi:10.33687/phytopath.001.01.0016 fatcat:gl3whbmeqzbvfnbyh7mxsedpga