Rendering Narrators' Voices in The Sound and the Fury:An Analysis of Four Translations

Literary translations should give TTR similar impressions to those of STR. Even so, there is a variety of difficulties because the ST and the TT are naturally in different culture bases. To solve those conundrums and improve the quality of translation, I have studied the actual translations. I selected The Sound and the Fury for the ST which consists of four sections and they are each narrated by unique characters who are three sons of the Compsons. Due to space limitations, I have analyzed and
more » ... compared only four TTs of the beginning part of the three sections. The opening passages suggest how to go on the section's story line, and then the theme of this novel. Also, the narrators' voices have various features and those imply the characters' personalities. Therefore, how to render the opening passage is one of keys for the translation of this novel.
doi:10.15020/00001802 fatcat:hdr735rtize5nfbarqkourmywy