Tubular Heat Exchanger Fouling in Phosphoric Acid Concentration Process [chapter]

Rania Jradi, Ali Fguiri, Christophe Marvillet, Mohamed Razak Jeday
2019 Heat Exchangers [Working Title]  
Fouling in phosphoric acid concentration is a persistent operational problem that compromises energy recovery in this process. Progress is hampered by the lack of quantitative knowledge of fouling dynamic effects on heat exchanger transfer. The object of this work is an experimental determination of the thermal fouling resistance in the tubular heat exchanger of phosphoric acid preheated installed in phosphoric acid concentration process. By measuring the inlet and outlet temperatures of
more » ... ric acid, steam temperature, suction and discharge pressure of the pump and acid density measurement, the overall heat transfer coefficient has been determined. The determination of the overall heat transfer coefficient with clean and fouled surfaces, allowed calculating the fouling resistance. The results from the heat exchanger studies showed that the fouling resistance increased with time and presented an asymptotic evolution in compliant with the proposed model by Kern and Seaton, with the existence of fluctuation. The poorly cleaned heat exchanger implied the absence of the induction period and caused, consequently, high values of the fouling resistance in a relatively short-time period.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.88936 fatcat:onxzwayj3negdit24minm6iwxi