The Impact of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Collective Efficacy at the Middle School Level [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, Joan Poliner Shapiro, University, My
The primary goal of this mixed method study is to investigate and analyze how the nature and structure of the widely accepted middle school and teaming models impact individual teacher efficacy as well as collective efficacy. I examined the implications of these models on the levels of efficacy for both teamed and non-teamed teachers. Both social cognitive theory and belonging theory informed the research study. The mixed method study was conducted at seven suburban middle schools in four
more » ... hools in four districts outside of a major city in the northeastern section of the country. Each middle school utilizes the teaming model as the focal point of their philosophy. Research data were gathered from volunteer teachers through the administration of an online 37-item survey and voluntary individual follow-up interviews. In addition, principal interviews served to give background and cultural information at the building level. Themes from survey data informed the interview protocol. A review of historical documents provided additional information. The data were analyzed and themes were extracted in order to provide recommendations for these particular middle schools. Based on the collected data, teachers working at the middle school level can experience varying levels of both individual teacher and collective efficacy based on teaching position and experience. Implications for further research in the area of teacher and collective efficacy at the middle school level are noted.
doi:10.34944/dspace/984 fatcat:xtdugvabtvgfdouzydtczcxdlu