1903 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
present greater difficulties of diagnosis than do the various forms of pancreatic disease; but with increasing knoAvledge of their etiology, their nature, and their relation to other dis¬ eases, means for their recognition are closer to hand." Of the contents may be mentioned chapters on the anatomy of the pancreas, the anomalies, the microscopic anatomy, including the islands of Langerhans; varieties of acute pancreatitis, the etiologic relation of gallstones to acute hemorrhagie pan¬
more » ... hagie pan¬ creatitis, fat necrosis, chronic interstitial pancreatitis, its varieties and etiology; diabetes mellitus and its relation to lesions of the pancreas; bronzed diabetes; the symptoms and treatment of pancreatic disease. The illustrations are help¬ ful and tasteful; there are interesting reproductions of the original drawings of Santonini, shoAving both ducts of the pancreas and the papilla; in the duodenum; the principal lesions are well illustrated. Opie's book is a most important addition to the literature of the pancreas and its diseases, and should be found in the library of every progressive physician and surgeon. The amount and quality of neAV, original work here set forth has advanced greatly our knowledge of the pancreas and its diseases, and the book will ahvays be a landmark in the history of the pancreas. Miscellany.
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