Disregulating processes in the blood system during cancer

V. S. Lavrova, Ye. N. Chernova, G. V. Karpova, Ye. A. Stepovaya, Yu. A. Kozlov, T. A. Loukiyanova
2006 Bûlleten' Sibirskoj Mediciny  
Hematologic disturbances in patients with solid malignant tumors, their development mechanism, value, modern pathogenetic principles of correction are considered in the article. The role of cytokines, erythropoietin, blood loss, metastasing of tumors, depressing bone marrow hemopoiesis and increased destroying erythrocytes, microcirculatory disturbances, iron exchange and vitamin B12 in pathogenesis of cancer anemia and also disregulating processes in myeloid hemopoiesis which manifest in the
more » ... velopment of neutrophil leucocytosis , eosinophylia and leukemoid reactions in patients having malignant neoplasms is described in details. Hematologic disturbances in malignant growth are frequent manifestations of paraneoplastic syndrome which is a result of system influence of the tumor on the organism. Radial and chemotherapy increase disregulating processes in this vitally important system which require improved methods of their correction.
doi:10.20538/1682-0363-2006-2-75-83 doaj:427737a515d74eb5bf6d040a22447b7b fatcat:imsbdx2utbgbbfderkvgy4kcwa