The true concurrency of differential interaction nets

2016 Mathematical Structures in Computer Science  
We analyse the reduction of differential interaction nets from the point of view of so-called 'true concurrency,' that is, employing a non-interleaving model of parallelism. More precisely, we associate with each differential interaction net an event structure describing its reduction. We show how differential interaction nets are only able to generate confusion-free event structures, and we argue that this is a serious limitation in terms of the concurrent behaviours they may express. In fact,
more » ... confusion is an extremely elementary phenomenon in concurrency (for example, it already appears in CCS with just prefixing and parallel composition) and we show how its presence is preserved by any encoding respecting the degree of distribution and the reduction semantics. We thus infer that no reasonably expressive process calculus may be satisfactorily encoded in differential interaction nets. We conclude with an analysis of one such encoding proposed by Ehrhard and Laurent, and argue that it does not contradict our claims, but rather supports them.
doi:10.1017/s0960129516000402 fatcat:3qce5sqjvjg7vndnmbkjkufscu