Research on Basic Factors of Present Vocational Education System Construction in China

De-fu Li, Ling Tang
2016 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
To build the modern vocational education system is the inevitable result of the China's social and economic development as well as a certain historical stage of vocational education. This article, analyzes the basic factors effecting China's present vocational education, sorts out a certain references for a modern vocational education system. The starting point of current vocational education reform and development in China is to clarify the following situation. Firstly, mutual converge between
more » ... al converge between vocational education and higher education. As well as the mutual penetrate of adult education and vocational education. Additionally, modern vocational education system should adapt to the economic and social development. In order to achieve this, vocational education must in close connection with employ market, and comprehensively contained the labor categories. Also, the internal parts of vocational education system should be well-structured together. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the mutual communication between vocational and ordinary education in China, it should be according to the inherent law of the marketing economy conditions and requirements.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v6-i3/2058 fatcat:xjvpnppjhngfnkqntbzzr3x2pa