Effect of desulfurization of diesel and its blends with biodiesel on metallic contact

Valdicleide Silva e Mello, Aline Cristina Mendes de Farias, Ella Raquel do Vale Souza, Marcos Vinycius de Araújo Oliveira, Salete Martins Alves
2014 Materials Research  
The current environmental scenario has required changes in fuel nature, in order to minimize the harmful effects caused by sulfur in diesel. However, reductions in sulfur content promote loss of its lubricity and consequently wear in the injection system of the diesel engine. This study aimed to investigate the influence of sulfur minimization on fuel lubricity and wear of metallic disks. The fuel tribological analysis was carried out in HFRR equipment in accordance with ASTM D 6079-04. The
more » ... D 6079-04. The tested fuels were diesel oil with 50, 500 and 1800 ppm sulfur, and their blends of soybean and sunflower biodiesel (5, 20 and 100% in volume). The results showed an increase of disks wear with reduction of sulfur content when lubricated with pure diesel. This fact was decreased when biodiesel was added to all concentrations.
doi:10.1590/1516-1439.222313 fatcat:orlmtg5aybfebkudlt6k6r4wqy