Light Scattering Intensity and Viscosity Correlation for the Letters Printed on the Tobacco Cigarettes

PM Jayaweera, C Pathiraja, RMSP Rajapaksha
2005 Sri Lankan Journal of Physics  
The quality of the letters printed on the tobacco cigarettes, brand name "John Player™" is found to be viscosity dependent on the ink used for printing. The viscosity changes of the ink used, cause the printed letters to be smudged and of poor quality. At present selection of bad quality prints are done by visual identification, as no scientific technique is available. We have developed a light scattering technique using a 632.8 nm 20 mW He-Ne laser system to correlate the scattering intensity
more » ... attering intensity with the viscosity of the ink used, LogoRed TC2582. As a result, a standard has been assigned and quality of the cigarette prints can be maintained during the manufacturing process. 2 print "Gold Leaf, John Player" poor and smudged. Apart form the visual identification of such bad prints no scientific method was available to select the poor quality cigarette paper prints. This paper reports a light scattering technique that we have developed to monitor the cigarette print quality of the commercially available John Player tobacco cigarettes. A linear relationship of the ink viscosity and the backscattered light intensity arising from the front illuminated cigarette prints made possible to set a standard for a quality print. EXPERIMENTAL
doi:10.4038/sljp.v6i0.196 fatcat:vnoibp3z5vg4bcjsihcrgwv3v4