Computational Methods for Calculating Multimodal Multiclass Traffic Network Equilibrium: Simulation Benchmark on a Large-Scale Test Case

Mostafa Ameli, Jean-Patrick Lebacque, Ludovic Leclercq, Victor L. Knoop
2021 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
This study reviews existing computational methods to calculate simulation-based dynamic network equilibrium. We consider a trip-based multimodal approach for the dynamic network loading. Mode and path choices are carried out at the same level; therefore, travel times depend on the travel path and the mode attributes of travelers. This study develops a multiclass model with several parameters per class. Two different categories of algorithms (heuristic and metaheuristic) are considered in order
more » ... o solve the discrete dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) problem. Finally, we analyze the equilibrium in a large-scale multimodal DTA test case (Lyon 6th + Villeurbanne) in order to investigate the performance of different optimization approaches to solve trip-based DTA. The results show that, in a multimodal and heterogeneous setting, the metaheuristic methods provide better solutions than the heuristic methods in terms of optimality and computation time. These improvements are even more significant than in a homogeneous setting.
doi:10.1155/2021/8815653 fatcat:7qfgeuvqmzdoth7jvxweie6p24