Biodynamic Lighting: Establishing Foundational Considerations for 'Life-Centric' Lighting [post]

Amardeep M. Dugar
2023 unpublished
The term ‘biodynamic’ lighting is proposed as a term to capture the true aspiration of ‘life-centric’ lighting: good human and non-human outcomes for all life-sustaining behaviours on earth driven by good design for phototropism, phototaxis, photoperiodism and circadian entrainment. While future studies are necessary to consolidate this aspiration, it is clear that lighting has immediate potential to better support planetary health. As many aspects of animal, human and
more » ... antbehaviour and survival are being perturbed by widespread exposure to artificial light at night (ALAN), lighting professionals are in the middle, attempting to make design decisions that directly affect these life forms. This paper empowers readers with fundamental understandings of how light information is used by these life forms in a way crucial for development, growth and survival. The paper then provides a process for life-centric lighting design by drawing inspiration from an existing process for human-centric lighting design which can dovetail with decision-making processes that are within the workflow of lighting professionals. Holistic consideration of life-centric lighting design should look beyond altruism and romanticism by firmly rooting itself into pragmatism about long-term considerations for planetary health. Key references are consolidated and synthesized with goals of supporting knowledge translation into pragmatic lighting strategies in a manner useful for lighting professionals. While the scientific community remains sceptical about the term ‘biodynamic’ – which is argued to be developed through mysticism instead of scientific methodology – this paper counter argues that with appropriate use, the term has the potential to comprehensively capture this aspiration.
doi:10.20944/preprints202301.0476.v1 fatcat:4ip7ybgxubbizjm4hg22uyuc6y