Reminiscences in influential papers

Richard Snodgrass
1998 SIGMOD record  
Nora Ephron's movie \You've Got Mail" is a paean to the world wide web, perhaps computer science's most visible contribution, in particular to the creation via chat rooms of small communities within a dissociated world. In a pivotal scene in the third act, a bristling Kathleen Kelly, the protagonist played by Meg Ryan, insists, \Whatever else anything is, it ought t o begin by being personal." This column celebrates the process of scienti c inquiry by examining, in an anecdotal and yes, highly
more » ... ersonal fashion, how ideas spread and evolve. Past columns have including compelling stories of the impact of particular papers on the mind set and discoveries of a few well-known and respected people in the database community.
doi:10.1145/273244.390004 fatcat:bgxmfgnnozblje7ykayh4dzxtu