Whole Genome Sequencing Assembly and Annotation of Halobacillus Trueperi S61 Isolated From the Qarhan Salt Lake [post]

Wei Li, Shuo Shen, Jian Wang
2022 unpublished
Background: Halophilic microbial as prospective resources of biotechnology due to the advantages of flexible survivability. Qarhan Salt Lake is the second largest Salt Lake in the world which contains rich-unique extremophiles and deserved in-depth exploration. Results: Present study first time isolated novel strain Halobacillus trueperi S61 from Qarhan Salt Lake and performed whole-genome sequencing through combined third-generation PacBio and second-generation Illumina technology. The whole
more » ... nome of Halobacillus trueperi S61 identified 57549 total reads and consists a complete circular chromosome of 4047887 bp with 43.86% GC content without gaps. Total number of 139 non-coding RNA (included 86 tRNA, 30 rRNA and 23 sRNA), 16 gene islands with 260275 bp and two prophages (with 82682 length) were predicted. In addition, the whole genome of Halobacillus trueperi S61 summarized basic annotation for 3982 protein-coding genes, 3980, 3667, 2998 and 2303 unigenes were annotated with Nr, Swissport, KOG and KEGG database. Combined with advanced analysis, 561 carbohydrate enzymes and 4416 pathogen host interactions related genes were identified. The protein function of Halobacillus trueperi S61 was mainly focus on biological processes, and the protein function was mainly distributed in gene transcription and amino acids, and carbohydrates metabolism. Conclusions: The complete whole genome sequence assembly and annotation of novel strain Halobacillus trueperi S61 isolated from Qarhan Salt Lake mainly focus on protein biological processes and antibiotic resistance, provides a potential resource for biotechnology.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1188620/v1 fatcat:es4tnam4f5dqhhiucjdd5wgeja