Synchronization with mismatched synaptic delays: A unique role of elastic neuronal latency

R. Vardi, R. Timor, S. Marom, M. Abeles, I. Kanter
2012 Europhysics letters  
We show that the unavoidable increase in neuronal response latency to ongoing stimulation serves as a nonuniform gradual stretching of neuronal circuit delay loops and emerges as an essential mechanism in the formation of various types of neuronal timers. Synchronization emerges as a transient phenomenon without predefined precise matched synaptic delays. These findings are described in an experimental procedure where conditioned stimulations were enforced on a circuit of neurons embedded
more » ... a large-scale network of cortical cells in-vitro, and are corroborated by neuronal simulations. They evidence a new cortical timescale based on tens of microseconds stretching of neuronal circuit delay loops per spike, and with realistic delays of a few milliseconds, synchronization emerges for a finite fraction of neuronal circuit delays.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/100/48003 fatcat:tlc6ugkpvbf6tlnuhw2ikxh56q