On the issue of human capital development in the national economy of Ukraine

V. Nahornyi, National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, T. Kostiuk, D. Pernykoza, National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine
2020 Bioeconomics and agrarian business  
Population, man, human resources, human capital are the defining concepts in the consideration of issues related to the functioning of the national economy in modern economic conditions. It is generally recognized that labor activity is the main prerequisite that determines the material and spiritual wealth of man and society as a whole. Therefore, human resources at the present stage is one of the main components of the production potential of management in Ukraine, increasing the efficiency
more » ... ng the efficiency of use and reproduction of which are especially relevant. On the level of efficiency of human resources depends the level of welfare of the population, the development of productive forces, the scale of material production, etc. The development of intellectual productive forces and the strengthening of the influence of innovation and information factors contributes to the formation of a new socio-economic role of man in the modern economy and requires appropriate research. The article reveals the theoretical issues of trends in human capital development, a thorough analysis of the current state of human capital development and its importance in the modern economy. Based on the generalization of different views of scientists, the main stages of human capital formation in the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy are identified and characterized. The problems of human capital use have been studied and proposals for its improvement have been worked out. It is revealed that the process of reproduction of human capital in agricultural enterprises and its effective use in the conditions of market transformations should be based on the principles of active policy aimed at reviving the economic situation in agriculture; scientific substantiation; development of measures in order to increase jobs and increase the labor needs of agricultural enterprises; improvement of the system of remuneration, social protection of agricultural workers; formation of the mechanism of social partnership, etc.
doi:10.31548/bioeconomy2020.02.086 fatcat:yjfdf66f3zcurpoigk4p6uy7vu