Optimal bidding strategy for virtual power plants considering the feasible region of vehicle‐to‐grid

Zihan Wang, Jie Gao, Ruina Zhao, Jianxiao Wang, Gengyin Li
2020 Energy Conversion and Economics  
With the rapid development of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, the use of the internet of things and advanced information technology to achieve the optimal dispatch of large-scale plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) has become an important focus of scientific research and engineering practice worldwide. In order to achieve a balance between mass distributed energy resources and the secure and economic operation of the power grid, the authors propose an optimal market bidding strategy for a
more » ... power plant considering the feasible region of V2G. A detailed battery model considering the V2G mode of PEVs is established. A two-stage stochastic optimisation model for the virtual power plant considering massive volumes of PEVs is built, taking into account the day-ahead market revenue and the costs brought about by real-time market deviations. Three bidding strategies-PEVs charging immediately after arrival, without V2G, and considering V2G-are compared using case studies to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed strategy. Through the complete interaction between PEVs and the virtual power plant, this V2G-based strategy can coordinate distributed energy resources, promote the accommodation of renewable energy, and significantly improve the economy of the virtual power plant operation.
doi:10.1049/enc2.12018 fatcat:cgfiiadptvdijb7xstoaqlfp6a