To the Issue of Editing the New Technical Terminology
ახალი ტექნიკური ტერმინოლოგიური ლექსიკონის სარედაქციო საკითხისათვის

Liana Sutidze, Georgian Technical University
2021 Works of Georgian Technical University  
Georgian technical terminology (Georgian-Russian and Russian-Georgian parts of it) became obsolete long ago and cannot correspond to the modern demands. This terminology needs not only to renew but change structurally. The growing progress of modern communication and information technologies demands updating of the scientific terminology in general and of the technical terminology particularly. It is obvious that foreign terms took their place not only in speech but in the scientific literature
more » ... ientific literature as well. The examples of terminology using which we meet in our everyday life, especially when reading or listening to the ads,are absolutely unacceptable. For example, the ads propose us to restore so called rulevoi – from the Russian руль (steering wheel); they also suggest the grids against grokhot – that is грохот in Russian (clatter) and so on; as usual, technical terms in ads are always given in Russian, sometimes in some other languages, but almost nobody uses Georgian technical terms. Unfortunately, sometimes already existed terminology also favors using untranslated terms such as: bremsbergi (bremsberg – cross entry); versori (versor- a unit length), lafeti (lafet – gun carriage) and many others. True, it is impossible to translate all of the foreign terms always and only in Georgian. Some of such terms may be included in the new technical terminology unchanged, without translation. It is especially conditioned by the fact that nowadays a huge stream of the foreign terms floods the Georgian language. If we want the term and its function be easy to understand and use, then the new technical terminology should be arranged in the form of the explanatory dictionary without so called headwords; this will enable us to avoid diverse interpretations of the terms in the technical literature and manuals. We suggest here some faults found in the existed terminology which are absolutely necessary to improve during editorial work. Many terms need to refine: not იგრიხებადი (crooking) but გრეხადი (crookable); იწვებადი – წვადი (burning – burnable) and some others. Synonymic terms should be used without non-Georgian corresponding words: for example, we meet in the technical terminological dictionaries such pairs as: შკაფი — კარადა (a wardrobe – in Russian and in Georgian); შოფერი — მძღოლი (a driver); შოფერი — მექანიკოსი (driver-mechanic); სკრაიბერი — საკაწრელი (scriber). Besides that, some terms which denote the notions which we classify as visible and invisible should merge, e.g. ღერძი (axis) - Axis can be a part of a car, an eye, also axis of symmetry, of coordinates and so on; also არხი (channel) – it can be in melioration, in television and so on. Some obsolete terms should be extracted from terminological dictionaries, such as: бензозаправочная колонка (Rus.) - ბენზინის ჩასასხმელი სვეტი // ბენზინის ჩასასხმელი; there must be ბენზინგასამართი (Petrol station).
doi:10.36073/1512-0996-2021-1-20-27 fatcat:vwnxsofynffbhg2deylgo7sr7u