A Wide-Latitude Developer for Use in Astronomical and Scientific Photography

John H. Lutnes, Daniel Davidson
1966 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Astronomical applications and characteristics of a low-gamma Phenidone (POTA) developer are investigated. Ila-D plates exposed on an astrosensitometer, developed in POTA, show retention of density information over an extreme brightness range and no change in minimum detectable intensity when compared with plates developed in D-76 and D-19. The successful application of POTA developer to scintillation-tube photographs and possible future uses are also discussed. For certain applications in
more » ... omical and scientific photography there has been a need for a low-gamma developer capable of retaining information over an extreme intensity range and without sacrificing minimum detectable intensity or resolution in areas of extreme brightness. Such a developer has undergone tests in our photographic department plus field tests on the McMath Solar and 84-inch telescopes.
doi:10.1086/128407 fatcat:ad23wp5ltfd5zdqshkyykzv724