Sofia Teti, Yanti
2017 International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research   unpublished
Implementation of regional autonomy, is a momentum for the start of the implementation process of local economic development policies. The enactment of regional autonomy has implications for the region to issue and develop its capability in mobilizing and managing the production, allocation and distribution of its resources so that it becomes a superior product that has the advantage of comparative and competitive competitiveness, both for regional, national even international market. To that
more » ... d, the local government should make good planning, correct evaluation, and the implementation of appropriate policies, so that economic growth in the region can increase, so that development can be realized. Development of Bandung city as an integral part of regional and national development, is essentially an integrative process both in the level of planning, implementation and control are done continuously in order to realize the welfare of society. The purpose of this study is to classify industrial sectors, so that will be described which industries are able to compete and which are still weak. Of the 40 industry sectors in Bandung city, 67.5% are able to compete with other industries at both the city and provincial levels. As much as 30% of the industry sector, its growth is higher than similar industries at the provincial level but not able to compete with other industries in Bandung city. While 2.5% of the industrial sector, growth is lower both at the city level and at the provincial level.