Regional and temporal variation of Oithona spp. biomass, stage structure and productivity in the Irminger Sea, North Atlantic

C. Castellani, X. Irigoien, R. P. Harris, N. P. Holliday
2007 Journal of Plankton Research  
23 Oithona spp. standing stock and production is considered relatively stable in space and time 24 as a result of continuous breeding, low metabolism, reduced predation mortality and the 25 ability of these small cyclopoids to exploit microbial food webs more efficiently than larger 26 copepods. However, through a review of the published literature we show that Oithona spp. 27 biomass can vary widely both over the year and with latitude. Thus, the present study set out 28 to investigate the
more » ... investigate the basin scale variability in biomass, stage structure and reproduction of 29
doi:10.1093/plankt/fbm079 fatcat:u53xgjwhgvau3fziqgbw6b7pwu