Morphology and microcirculatory structure of the urethra of the pig: Urologic surgical interest

Fréjus Séry, Henry Sick
2019 Anatomy journal of Africa  
The urethra of the sow can play an important role in the surgical revascularization or in the reconstructive surgery. However, the urethra can be easily injured if it possessed well architecture and vascularization. We investigated the morphological structure and vasculature features of the urethra to improve surgical results. Eight pelvises of sow were investigated. The block was cuts according to the segments of the urethra. They were made transparent according to the sagittal and transvers
more » ... tal and transvers planes and examined trough Chinese ink agar injection. The adventia of both portions of the urethra of the sow (pelvic and perineal) were dependent on the collaterals of the internal iliac arteries and internal pudendal arteries. The veins of the periphery of the urethra derived from the muscle layers and the chorion and ran into a network in contact with arteries. The arteries of the striated muscle layer originated from the adventitial arteries of the anterior and lateral regions of the urethra. The chorion was depended on long vessels from the adventitious network and the terminal branches of the vessels of the inner longitudinal muscle layer. The arteries of the urethrovaginal septum were thin and came from the branches of the vaginal artery. The urethra of the sow was sheathed by the pelvic fascia lined with the elevated muscle of anus. They were well vascularized and can be safety exposed and preserved during experimental surgical dissection with careful drilling.Keys words: Sow urethra, morphology, structure, microvascularization.
doi:10.4314/aja.v8i2.189032 fatcat:fxqkxn5xvbe47pvw2fbkju457i