Toward an Understanding of Lyrics-viewing Behavior While Listening to Music on a Smartphone

Kosetsu Tsukuda, Masahiro Hamasaki, Masataka Goto
2021 Zenodo  
Why and how do people view lyrics? Although various lyrics-based systems have been proposed in MIR community, this fundamental question remains unexplored. Better understanding of lyrics viewing behavior would be beneficial for both researchers and music streaming platforms to improve their lyrics-based systems. Therefore, in this paper, we investigate why and how people view lyrics, especially when they listen to music on a smartphone. To answer "why," we conduct a questionnaire-based online
more » ... er survey involving 206 participants. To answer "how," we analyze over 23 million lyrics request logs sent from the smartphone application of a music streaming service. Our analysis results suggest several reusable insights, including the following: (1) People have high demand for viewing lyrics to confirm what the artist sings, more deeply understand the lyrics, sing the song, and figure out the structure such as verse and chorus. (2) People like to view lyrics after returning home at night and before going to sleep rather than during the daytime. (3) People usually view the same lyrics repeatedly over time. Applying these insights, we also discuss application examples that could enable people to more actively view lyrics and listen to new songs, which would not only diversify and enrich people's music listening experiences but also be beneficial especially for music streaming platforms.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5624632 fatcat:2w5iwpamxbccfa4rufzv5rarly