Estimation 0f the Total Brain Volume Using Semi-Automatic Segmentation and Stereology of the Newborns' Brain MRI

Tolga Ertekin, Niyazi Acer, Semra Icer, Afra Yıldırım
2013 NeuroQuantology  
Brain development begins in the early embryonic period and proceeds through the second decade of postnatal life. However information related to the development of the brain during this period is currently quite limited. The aim of the current study was to compare the total brain (cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem, without the ventricular system) volumes in newborns using stereological (point-counting) and semi-automatic segmentation methods and Archimedes' principle. Seven newborn cadavers,
more » ... ed 39.9 (±1.2) weeks, were included in the present study. Firstly, the total brain (TB) volume was determined by the use of the fluid displacement technique and then magnetic resonance images were analyzed by using two methods. The mean (±SD) TB volumes by fluid displacement, Cavalieri principle (point-counting), and semi-automated segmentation methods were 288.70± 76.18, 270.12 ± 78.93 and 282.39 ± 73.17 cm 3 respectively. We did not find any significant differences among the three methods (p>0.05). From these results, it can be concluded that the semi-automated segmentation method and stereological technique can be used for reliable volume estimation of total brains in neonates. Based on these techniques we compared here in, the clinician may evaluate the growth of the brain in a more efficient and precise manner.
doi:10.14704/nq.2013.11.2.631 fatcat:3xwg6kdmsjdd7obsj4qvekjlqq