M. A. El-Said Shetawy
2017 Misr Journal of Agricultural Engineering  
This research was carried out in Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Al-Azhar university, Nasr city during 2016 season to leek cultivated after cutting leaves for slices (length slice 3 cm). The aim of green leek chop is to utilization of producing juicing which is considered as the most effective preparation for securing all health benefits of leek. To achieve this aim, a house mincer household with a (1.5 hp) motor was used. Factors studied were two type sample ( head and lateral ), two
more » ... ure content headed ( 69 and 85 % ), lateral (68 and 80 %) and screen hole diameters ( 4, 5 and 6 mm ) at rotation speed (400 , 500 and 600 rpm ) with feeding mass 250 g. The performance of the chop was evaluated according to the chop. Productivity, energy requirements and sample content from protein and Fat. The results showed that the highest productivity was 11.54 kg / h lateral chop and highest productivity was 15.00 kg / h head chop and minimum specific energy 0.01 kw. h / kg lateral chop and minimum specific energy 0.08 kw . h / kg head obtained at 600 rpm and screen hole diameters 7 mm, 80 % moisture content for lateral sample and 85% moisture content for head sample while the requirement power highest 0.252 kw at 3 mm screen hole diameter, 80 % moisture content for lateral sample and 0.17 kw at 5 mm screen hole diameter, 68 % moisture content for lateral sample at rotation speed of 400 rpm, and the analysis of sample protein and fat contents of with lateral and head are (11.96 and 12.14 %) and( 2.55 and 2.57 %) respectively.
doi:10.21608/mjae.2017.97135 fatcat:dc4x25j6zramziceavp5wtqobq