A Micromachined Hydrogel-Gated Smart Flow Controller

Y. Gu, A. Baldi, B. Ziaie, R.A. Siegel
2002 2002 Solid-State, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop Technical Digest   unpublished
In this paper, we report on the design concept, fabrication, characterization, and testing of a micromachined, hydrogel-gated smart flow controller (HFC) that responds to different environmental stimuli. The HFC is composed of two components, a 3-dimensional crosscut structure and a loaded stimuli-sensitive hydrogel. The free swelling behaviors of glucose-and temperature-sensitive hydrogels were characterized. A gating mechanism of the HFC was postulated, and verified by microscopy. For the
more » ... oscopy. For the temperature-sensitive HFC, temperature cycling between 25 and 40 °C resulted in a flow rate change between 0 and 12 ml/minute with a 10 second response time. The flow rate through the device at 40 °C increases almost linearly with pressure across the structure. Flow through the HFC loaded with a glucose-sensitive hydrogel is shown to respond to changes in glucose concentration in the external solution. The response time is, however, as long as 2 hours.
doi:10.31438/trf.hh2002.33 fatcat:tta2y552argz3mclsyb737cgvm