CCM Processor Users' Guide (UNICOS Version) [report]

Lawrence Buja, University Corporation For Atmospheric Research (UCAR):National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR):NCAR Library (NCARLIB)
This document is a complete description of the capabilities of the CCM Processor, including all of the information needed to run the code on the Crays at NCAR. A few aspects of Processor design are discussed where appropriate, but there is no attempt to document the details of the code. This version of the CCM Processor Users' Guide (UNICOS Version) supercedes all previous versions (NCAR/TN-290+IA, NCAR/TN-335+IA), updates and drafts of this document. The NCAR CCM Processor is the primary tool
more » ... s the primary tool for the analysis of data output by the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM). Its main function is to perform the processing and data reduction normally associated with Model climate runs. It is also useful for the analysis of forecast and observational data that are in history tape format. Like the CCM, the Processor is a community facility maintained by the CCM Core Group.
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