Adaptive Multiswarm Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization

Xiang Yu, Claudio Estevez
2018 Information  
Multiswarm comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization (MSCLPSO) is a multiobjective metaheuristic recently proposed by the authors. MSCLPSO uses multiple swarms of particles and externally stores elitists that are nondominated solutions found so far. MSCLPSO can approximate the true Pareto front in one single run; however, it requires a large number of generations to converge, because each swarm only optimizes the associated objective and does not learn from any search experience
more » ... the swarm. In this paper, we propose an adaptive particle velocity update strategy for MSCLPSO to improve the search efficiency. Based on whether the elitists are indifferent or complex on each dimension, each particle adaptively determines whether to just learn from some particle in the same swarm, or additionally from the difference of some pair of elitists for the velocity update on that dimension, trying to achieve a tradeoff between optimizing the associated objective and exploring diverse regions of the Pareto set. Experimental results on various two-objective and three-objective benchmark optimization problems with different dimensional complexity characteristics demonstrate that the adaptive particle velocity update strategy improves the search performance of MSCLPSO significantly and is able to help MSCLPSO locate the true Pareto front more quickly and obtain better distributed nondominated solutions over the entire Pareto front.
doi:10.3390/info9070173 fatcat:udz4jqu2ofaxlcqtoyeuwkk6zi