Analysis of optical stochastic cooling including transverse effects

K.-J. Kim
Proceedings Particle Accelerator Conference  
T h e purpose of this paper is to study the effect, of the transverse stmicture of the radiation field on the cooling performance. To this end, we analyze the transit time scheme of the optical stochastic cooling in detail, using an approximate model for the undulator radiation to represent the space-time dependence of the undulator field [4]. Our main finding is that. the number of samples in the beam F can be written as The pliase space area plays an important role iu determining the
more » ... mining the performance of optical stochastic cooling. Specifically, the number of samples in the beam consists of three factors corresponding to three dimensions, the factor in each dimension being given by the ratio of the total phase space area in that dimension to the radiation wavelength.
doi:10.1109/pac.1995.505691 fatcat:5p3z7pua7nahfelfcbo7vo2r7y