Validation of the Actibelt® speed measurement in patients with dizziness and vertigo [post]

Valentin Rampmaier, Fabian Schenkel, Martin Daumer, Roman Schniepp
2016 unpublished
Walking velocity is an important control variable in gait disorders due to sensory or cerebellar disfunction. Non-preferred walking speeds are closely linked to a higher risk of falls. A compensation strategy of patients to avoid these speed sectors can be assumed. So far speed measurements are only possible in a laboratory environment. Actibelt® is a promising tool that allows speed estimation based on accelerometer data. The used algorithms have not been validated for patients with sensory or
more » ... nts with sensory or cerebellar disorders.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.2545 fatcat:zydlr7emqjh7taq4dbonx4plp4