Cretan Hieroglyphs Numerals: A Brief Information

Eka Acharya
2018 unpublished
The term 'hieroglyphs' is mostly used in numeral notations. It is also related to languages, even though mathematics itself is a language. The Cretan Hieroglyphs script is one of the writing systems used on the Island of Crete between 2000-1650 BC. The symbols used in Cretan Hieroglyphs are found in many sources among them Phaistos disk is most popular. Cretan hieroglyphs were indigenous mathematical developments as the local writing systems. There may be the interrelationship among such
more » ... p among such notations or symbols of different civilizations. It was developed in the basis of culture, rituals, and indigenous practices distinctively. Similarly other local indigenous or antique phase's hieroglyphs were found in different communities. We should care on such indigenous developments would be around in our surroundings too. Here the aim of this paper is to explore the development of Cretan Hieroglyphs numerals as the historical development in mathematical concern. The document analysis and historical approach is used here to conclude the theme of this paper.