Proceedings of the 2020 OMI Seminars (PROMIS 2020)

OMI is the acronym of the German name for the Institute of Information Resource Management located at Ulm University, Germany. Residing at the border between electrical engineering and computer science, we offer lectures spanning topics such as Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, and Parallel Computing. Our labs range from hands-on work using micro-controllers to programming challenges in operating system, High Performance Computing and Software-defined systems. We offer three seminars for our
more » ... tudents: Selected Topics in Data Center Automation directed at Bachelor students from the computer science domain, Research Trends in Data Center Automation directed at Master students from the computer science domain, and Research Trends in the Internet of Things directed at Master students from the engineering majors. The seminars addresses topics interesting for system architects, reliability engineers, and DevOps engineers, but also data scientists mainly targeting automation, application and data management, as well as system modelling. Seminars proceed as follows: At the beginning of the course each student picks a topic and works on it. The tasks include researching the topic from a scientific angle (using scientific digital libraries), filtering and structuring content, and compiling a paper from it. Finally, the results of the work are presented in a talk. While the work is self-responsible, each student is assisted by an advisor who is an expert in the respective domain. The best papers of each year are selected to be published in this proceedings. Students may reject the publication of their work. In 2020 all three seminars took place twice, once in summer term (April - July) and once in winter term (November 2020 -February 2021). Due to the Covid pandemic they were organized as purely virtual events. Overall, 50 students participated in the courses, out of which 34 (68%) completed the course. Further, 16 (32%) were invited to publish their work in this proceedings and 12 accepted the invitation. The 2020 procee [...]
doi:10.18725/oparu-38460 fatcat:rlndofm4enfxvpoel4o6gd7tmy